Workplace Violence – Jury Awards $38.5 + Million Dollars

Scene at Kraft Plant after shooting

AP Photo: Scene at Kraft Plant after shooting

Understanding the issues that create such situations in the workplace requires assessment and review to provide solutions in mitigating a company’s risks.

Reported by the Associated Press, “Attorneys for the families said security guards failed to protect employees during the rampage. Attorney Shanin Specter said in a statement that the verdict sends a message that company guards “can’t simply run away in the middle of the crisis. They actually have to act like security guards.”

Often times business owners are acutely overwhelmed when faced with such a crisis and well then act in haste to resolve the situation so that they may get back to the daily business of the organization. This is where understanding the differences between a guarding company and a consultancy becomes important as both have their own role to play in protecting your interests.

We have observed situations like this occur time and time again in various industries, wherein a disconnect occurs with the seller and buyer of protection services. Requiring guards, armed or unarmed, to stand post at an access point is not the solution within itself. The end goal is to prevent an attack from occurring all together, when the prevention protocols fail, use of force will only occur as a final resort. Security officers and managers must be trained and familiar with the steps necessary to mitigate the situation before the situation is allowed to go in to a use of force incident.

  • Assessment
  • Train
  • Mitigate
  • Critical Response
  • Recovery & Continuity

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