Women in Business – the Megyn Kelly Interview

I know you are asking, what in the world does this interview have to do with the security and investigation business? In the context of this article and our company, it has everything to do with our business.

Megyn Kelly has taken over news and cable television and she has proven she is a driven person. Peeler Group International has found the same to be true of the women who have worked and who currently work for our organization, they are driven to succeed… but their success is in doing the best at what they do, without all of the accolades.

As the President and Founder of The Peeler Group, Inc. I have experienced this time and time again. Much of what Megyn speaks of in this interview is true and particularly when it comes to having a partner in your life. My wife has kept me driven for over 25 years in everything I do, but it’s not just what she has done for me, it is what she has done for herself… While working as the CFO of our company and even working assignments in the field, my wife started her own company that distributes thousands of products from seven national locations and let me not forget, all while raising three children – most of which was done in my absence due to travel demands.

You have to be honest with those who have a stake in your life and be sure you are following the same path to get to the goals established. I think what has been improperly stated time and time again is, “behind every great man is a great woman”. The truth of the matter when it comes to marriage is that, “behind every success and failure is a partnership that never gave up”.

So what does this have to do with the investigation and security business? We, or should I say “I”, see great opportunities in this field for women who are not ego driven and who just get things done, but we need more of them! So I hope this small note speaks to those of you who have thought of entering our industry in some fashion and initiates you to act on your desire to be in this industry.

Please be sure to watch the video included in this posting – and one final note to the men that may read this and think “oh brother”, shut up and listen, you might learn something…

Bill P.


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