When You Love What You Do

I thought I would share some images of what we do in different parts of the world. I wish I could share with you all of the people who support our clients as they are some of the best people I know.

Often when considering a protection service you are told as a potential client, this is what we “can” do… This is just a glimpse of what Peeler Group does. I am humbled by the organizations and people we have been able to support over the past 23+ plus years and I look forward to continuing these relationships. It has been a great honor to have trust place in me and our people… Thank you to all of our clients and team members for your years of loyalty and support, Bill Peeler, President and Founder

Investigator Schoneman

Supporting a grieving family during a news interview about the tragic loss of their daughter.

Peeler Group International


Plane side pickup in support of a client.


Providing the tools and facilities for the improvement of our people.

Providing guidance to our field operations people.

Proudly displaying our seal that explains what we do and how we do it… Silent Protectors.

Testing new technology in our Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our team members and leaders strategizing during some down time.

Communicating with team members and our clients during a detail.

Using a security tower for overwatch at an event.

Volunteering to provide the next generation a start in their career path.

Meeting with law enforcement officials regarding a client visit.

Answering media questions after the murder of a family


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