Video Interview with the Select Few

I wanted to share with you this video interview I did with Eric Parker, AKA “The Select Few” and  the “International Protection Hub.” This video has been edited to shorten the length of our discussion for better viewing and engagement. As Eric adequately states, we can speak at length when we are together.

Some of the points I hope are brought out in this video are:

Obligatory Responsibility

  • To the profession we represent
  • To the clients we serve
  • To the people within each of the organizations that depend on us for their livelihood

We are the gatekeepers to our industry, and we need to be sure that we are honest with ourselves and with those who have placed their trust in us. We are endangering all of these people listed if we do not meet our essential responsibilities through proper licensing, protection through appropriate insurance coverages and the like.

Not of us are perfect, and we all need to make a living, but we need to discourage the shortcuts we see today and help professionally elevate each other.

Expectation Setting

  • What you as a business owner should expect
  • What should people in our employ expect
  • What are clients expect of us and how do we meet those expectations

We all have to keep our heads about us in what we hope of others. From the client’s expectations to the field practitioner expects from their employer, we need to have a firm grasp of what we are anticipating from one another.

What are your financial expectations, what do you expect from the work you do, and what are your abilities, are some questions we need to ask of ourselves.

Overstating your capabilities can have an effect on your obligatory responsibilities and your humbleness in your character. If you attempt to do something that you are not “built” for you are misleading yourself and it is no different from any other falsehood, it will have a chain reaction. Not being able to meet the expectations will harm the quality of services and falling short of the goals established.

Humbleness in Our Character

  • Understand ourselves and how we project ourselves to others –
  • Patience within ourselves and the tolerance we show others
  • Giving time and understanding to the people we interact with when carrying out our duties in the field

We need to humble ourselves to those we serve, work with and whom we ask things from when facilitating our client’s needs. Contrarily, we need to take pause and not get into the semantics of what others are doing by judging them. Similar to our ideal life goals, at the end of the day we all want the white picket fence and not have to be concerned about our livelihood. In other words, you do not have to diminish someone else to achieve your goals.

If anyone has called you an arrogant person, I want to share this with you. It is a good article that brings some understanding to people who are passionate or who are confident and categorized as an “arrogant” person.

8 Signs That You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

Facilitator Vs. Fixer

During our discussion, we discuss the idea of a facilitator briefly. It was me! Some time ago I explained, in the business of investigation, we need to be a fixer. A fixer in no way attributes itself to what we call a facilitator in the Close Protection business.

So, what does this mean? A facilitator is what Eric offers within our conversation. We facilitate the needs and desires of our clients without intrusion on the principal’s lifestyle or the business he or she is conducting. It is our job to protect the tranquility of both of these areas of the principal’s life.

Some Final Thoughts

I do hope those working in the business and those of you making your way into a protective services career can take something away from our discussion. That was the whole point of doing the video; it was to make you part of the conversation.

If you are looking at a career in the Close Protection business, you can do it! Prepare yourself by studying current openings in the industry. Look at what are the employers looking for in a job seeker, medical skills, driving skills, or maybe surveillance experience. Perhaps you are looking for something outside of the “protection ring” and would like to seek a position on the support team. There are plenty of opportunities for individuals who have the talent within the business unit, intelligence, and technical career fields.

Just know that if you want to walk into a job you have to be well rounded and prove yourself. Proving yourself does not stop there. You will have to continually perform at a high level to make a full career of your endeavor. – good luck to you.

I want to send Eric Parker special thank you for making me part of the conversation.

Bill Peeler, is the Founder and CEO of Peeler Group International.


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