PAAD Services

Services available through the PAAD Program offers a diversified approach to preventing and mitigating active violence situations. These services are provided by professionally trained individuals who are just as diversified as the services themselves. Coming from backgrounds within law enforcement, government administration, military, educational and religious leadership positions, our staff understands the needs of our clients and how to apply the services we offer to each unique situation.

Our Services


  • Predictive Behavioral Prevention Certifications
  • Awareness
  • Active Violence Response by Organizations and Individuals


  • Risk Assessment

We provide in depth investigation of what places your organization at risk to experience an active violence situation through understanding your vulnerabilities. These assessments include culture research, physical vulnerabilities, policy and procedural reviews. At the conclusion of the assessment our team will provide you with an assessment report so your organization may see for itself what is working and what opportunities need your attention.

  • Physical Security Assessment

As a standalone service, our assessment team will review physical barriers and mitigation steps that have been taken by your organization and what can be done to enhance and improve these measures. Some of the areas we review include, access control, electronic protective measures and physical countermeasures to a violent attack.

  • Program and Response Testing

Studies have shown, crisis response plans are not maintained in over 80% of the organizations found in the United States. Once an active violence program has been developed it is critical that periodic testing occurs.