Civilian Training Courses

Background. Peeler Group International has long provided training courses to those interested in the private and public sectors. Our experiences and abilities in public safety and defensive training has attracted customers to our offering and instructors throughout the world.

The founder and director of our school, Bill Peeler, is a firm believer that every individual needs to have the ability to protected themselves through appropriate planning, training and personal defense. In 2009 we started opening a limited amount of course offerings to private individuals who seek training, and each year since then we have continue to grow these offerings.

Civilian Lethal & Less-Than-Lethal Training. Peeler Group International is an authorized training school for a number of authorities. Our school offers entry level courses to advance level training for individuals in the proper use of less-than-lethal and lethal defensive systems. The safety of the user and owner of any object capable of causing injury or death is vital to the proper deployment and when threat is made to them.

Less-Than-Lethal. Defensive systems that are considered less-than-lethal are intended to minimize the risk to life. This term is often used within the law enforcement community for various defensive systems created and has expanded in use to private citizens. The use of less-than-lethal defensive mechanisms are required in situations where the use of lethal force is not authorized by law or deemed necessary to eliminate a threat.

Lethal Defensive Force. The use of force that may cause death must be our absolute last resort in any situation. Depending on your state of residency, and in most states within the United States, the use of lethal force may be used only to protect yourself or a third person from equal force that may result in death.

Course Requirements. Requirements for each course may differ, at the minimum you must be 18, or 21 years of age to attend our defensive systems courses. Our basic firearms safety courses wherein no live fire is required, restrictions of students are taken on an individual basis wherein consideration is made of age and the maturity of the individual – reference the course you are considering or in cases wherein age must be considered contract our representatives.