“Semper Cognita”

Our motto, “always learning” identifies the core of our services. We are always perfecting the knowledge bestowed upon us and delivered to each student, a continuum that is forever.

Peeler Group International has earned a reputation in the protection of the affluent, corporate enterprise and government interests worldwide. In practical terms, PGI has a long track record of not only protection of our clients; we also have the experience in maintaining trained personnel in protective operations and investigations.

Although some of our courses mandate classroom time, whenever feasible, our training courses are provide with as much practical exposure as possible.

Our Students are the Focus – Protection of Life and Property is Our Goal

PGI provides excellence in everything we do, and that is what you are afforded through our training and educational courses.

The advancement of our students is our core focus. We want every student to perform to the best of his or her ability regardless of whether they’re protecting a dignitary in a foreign land, or simply looking to protect their own family here at home.

Where and Who We Train

Our tailored protection training services are delivered to individuals and corporations within our training facilities or at your location. Who we serve:

  • Law Enforcement and Security Agencies – Personnel
  • Corporations and the Workplace
  • Private Civilians

If you have further questions, please visit our contact page and complete our inquiry form. We will contact you and discuss your needs.