Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute Gives Back

If you are in the Executive Protection business you are familiar with the name Tony Scotti and the brand, “VDI”. Tony, a long time friend and someone who I personally look to when I think the world has gone astray, is the founder of the Scotti method of driving. Some say he is the author, me included, of protective driving. Joe Autera is the President of VDI and the only proprietor of the “Scotti Method” today. Vice President, and the man that makes things happen on the track everyday, Larry Side, is Joe’s partner in crime along with Joe’s wife and the rest of the team teaching protective driving in a number of different countries around the world.

I think it was late last year that Joe announced that VDI has decided to give back to the industry wherein they have become successful by giving scholarships to a number of deserving people. As with anything they turn out they did this right, with applications and a review board requiring recommendations for each applicant to the program. It was then that I told a couple of our people to get their name into the process and see what happens. This is was Dean did, and as with everything else he does, he followed it through and was successful.

I personally would like to thank Joe, Larry and the whole VDI family for offering this opportunity to these practitioners. I would like to also congratulate our very own Dean Kuenstler for his accomplishment in receiving this privilege.

– Bill Peeler, President of PGI

Here is Dean’s thank you letter to VDI that I wish to make public:

March 6, 2016

From: Dean Kuenstler

To: Vehicle Dynamics Institute Peeler Group International


I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to the Vehicle Dynamics Institute selection team for my recent selection to the VDI GIVES BACKS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. The opportunity to train at the world’s finest school for enhancing my skills as protection specialist/security driver has been a priority for several years. I am extremely fortunate to have been selected to attend what I consider the single most essential driving course for all professional protection specialist; the Protective Evasive Driving Course in September 2016.

Additionally, I would like to offer a special thanks to Mr. Bill Peeler, President of the Peeler Group International. Your Letter of Recommendation was instrumental in my selection for this prestigious program. It was a very highly competitive selection process, your support for my continued professional development speaks volumes of your leadership.

Again, many thanks to the Team at Vehicle Dynamics Institute and Peeler Group International for supporting my pursuit of enhancing my critical skills as a Protection Specialist.

As always…Be Safe & Semper Fi!

Dean Kuenstler Thank You VDI


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