The Importance of Security Drivers

Kabul Kidnapping Thwarted by Evasive Driving

A failed kidnapping attempt involving two expatriate aid workers in Kabul has brought new focus on the ability of drivers to evade potential dangerous incidents…

Simply reinforces the importance of the Protection Specialist/Driver, whether as part of a larger Team, or as a single agent…..Evasive Driving Skills are simply “life savers”….

Dean Kuenstler – Peeler Group International

Know What You Need and What You Are Getting…Executive

Peeler Group International has been a consistent proponent of Protective Drivers (Security Drivers). According to subject experts and organizations**, more attacks perpetrated on executives will happen in or near the vehicle.

Be prepared, a Protective Driver should at the minimum have:

  • an understanding of Threat and Vulnerabilities, “Risk Mitigation”
  • be trained in basic or advance medical response
  • have the experience and training of a protection practitioner
  • consistent training in vehicle driving
  • understanding of surveillance and counter surveillance techniques

You are only as strong as your weakest link… More often than not you will find that you or your organization will employ the services of a local black car service, this is where you need to ask what is their skill set: background, training and experience beyond driving?

You may very well find in many cases that cost for protective drivers is very competitive with your current driving services with additional benefits in protection.

Peeler Group International, established in 1995, is a Risk Mitigation Company that provides Executive Protection, Estate, Intelligence, Corporate Event and Security Driver Services.



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