Global Security Operations Center

Peeler Group International’s Global Security Operations Center was created to support our field operations during critical incidents. During Hurricane Katrina, in 2005, we discovered the need for a central location where we could manage and communicate with our personnel who were dispatched to assist in the response. In 2008, during Hurricane Hanna, we first used the GSOC to deploy over 400 personnel in seven coastal states, all while keeping tempo with our regular contractual assignments.

Today, our operations center is available during critical incidents or 24/7, 365 days of the year, in support of our client protective operations.

Our Operations and Abilities

  • Live Traffic Camera Monitoring throughout the United States, allowing us to visually verify conditions where security teams are traveling with our clients.
  • Global two-way communications with our security teams or yours, during active assignments.
  • Live remote CCTV monitoring during acute situations, such as critical incidents, events and in supporting protective operations; security and surveillance detection teams with the availability of communications from the GSOC with on the ground personnel.
    • Constant Observation and Patrol Services (COPS) is a PGI service available to residential and corporate facility protection initiatives. This service is also available to high wealth residential communities.
  • Global Incident Monitoring of health alerts, weather, social and political and reporting of actionable intelligence to our clients where they are located and when their safety is at risk.
  • GSM and Global Satellite Tracking
    • Traveling Personnel
    • Physical Assets
  • Global Personal Security Monitoring for executives not requiring a traveling protective team and who wish to have a smaller footprint during travel and daily lifestyle.