Estate Protection

Our home is somewhere we need to have the freedom to be completely at ease with our surroundings and where we would like to feel safe and secure.

Peeler Group International provides peace of mind through protection of the sanctity of the client’s home, family and visitors. Our teams are focused on allowing your home to be a place you may completely be you and live the lifestyle you desire.

Through appropriate assessments and surveys we will work with you to identify the lifestyle you wish to protect and the measures needed to ensure your safety and privacy.

Our approach is simply to identify the goals of your estate protection program, garnish the intelligence in carrying out these protections, and finally, deploy the physical, electronic and human resources available to meet the goal of protecting your home, family and privacy.

Peeler Group International understands that all protection needs are not equal. Having said this, personnel may be assigned on a full or part time status, or in conjunction with our response personnel. Through the exclusive  “Constant Observation & Patrol” program, PGI is able to remotely monitor your premises 24 hours per-day with personnel available to respond as needed.

Our Encompassing Services to consider

  • Event Protection Personnel
  • Employment Screening for Household Staff and Service Providers
  • Secure Driving Services
  • Architectural Design of Physical and Electronic Protection Measures
  • Training for Family Members and Household Staff


Affluent Neighborhood Patrol

For clients residing in an area with others requiring similar level protection on a regular basis, PGI offers motorized patrol services. PGI will work with your community members or association leadership to determine the effective patrol measures that will protect the needs of your community.

Our uniformed officers will patrol your designated neighborhood in our marked patrol vehicles. All officers are trained in street patrol operations with training in Medical Response. Estate and patrol officers receive advanced training in all aspects of the services we provide.

Please allow us to bring the protection of your family and home to the next level by contacting PGI today. We will present all options available to you for your consideration with deployment of services in a timely and efficient manner.