Disaster & Crisis Response

Preparing for the unforeseen is a challenge to government entities, enterprise and individuals alike. When disaster strikes and infrastructure has been rendered incapable of handling all of the challenges faced, you need a partner that you may rely upon to respond. Peeler Group International provides the resources needed to respond to crisis of any scale with immediate activation of our Emergency Command Center – and we do so in a very short period of time. Our capabilities of supporting local law enforcement is above and beyond what a local security agency is capable of. Our response team members are diverse – entering their career from medical, law enforcement and other emergency service fields.Hurricane Irene New York

Understanding the Need

To protect the continuity of your business or government operations you need to become self reliant when disaster strikes, and public emergency response services may be depleted or limited.

The operational complexity in responding to disasters may not be understated, from transportation and lodging, to facilities and communications, the task of protecting your operations in often  unforgiving environmental conditions is daunting. Peeler Group International is experienced in responding to disasters and removing the concerns that organizations face when crisis strikes.2013 Cuomo Media Briefing

Experienced Partner

Peeler Group International has serviced customer needs and responded to crisis situations in as many as five states at one time. Our associates are led by our crisis response “planned services” that have been established through real-world situations.

When choosing a partner, you need to select someone that not only has a proven track record in getting the job done, but the ability to sustain in crucial situations.

Our Experience

  • Large Scale & Multiple State Response
  • Secured food and crucial supply transportation
  • Asset recovery
  • Facility and critical infrastructure protection
  • Executive Protection to Corporate & Government Leadership
  • Sworn Law Enforcement Duties – Street Patrol & Curfew Compliance
  • Mobile adjuster & remote facility protection