Protection of Privacy from a Terrorism Perspective

Privacy and TerrorismThreats to those who are sworn to protect us is a real concern for most Americans. As a former police officer, we always felt that it was of higher concern when someone would threaten or harm a law enforcement officer. “If they are willing to do this it makes the perpetrator that much more of a threat to a citizen,” was what drove our thoughts.

Everyone has a right to privacy and many initiatives have been taken to reinforce these rights. Where our government falls short or where it is weak, is when it comes to particular career fields, i.e. Police, judges and the like. In addition to these groups, I have observed issues in some states regarding the protection of information of professional licensees, with other states offering special protection of some licensee information if there is a special reason to protect that information.

Another issue is the improper use of social security numbers, particularly when imprinted on identification cards and the like that could be viewed publicly. Many times this is not intended to cause harm as the person perpetuating the infringement is not aware of federal and state privacy laws or the risk of carelessly recording personal identification information. Other times it is the government agency itself that is placing your information at risk.

Now more than ever it is important to protect yourself and your identifying information. If you are the custodian of such information you need to perform your due diligence in safe guarding the information entrusted to your care.

Parents, husbands, wives and others, take steps to safeguard those you love and do not let them fall into the trap that some extremist groups have set.



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