Prospective Employment – Intro to Peeler Group


Is our company what you are looking for?As we are preparing our open house events in a few major cities wherein we would like to meet prospective business professionals and protectors, I thought I would give you some insight into my company.

Understanding Operational Services

First and foremost, we are practical in our approach to client services and personnel training operations.  We have established our core services – protection, corporate investigations, consulting and intelligence. We divide our service capabilities into service areas such as close personal protection, security trained drivers, residential security, crisis management, and response. The investigation services we provide are in focused areas – damage and losses incurred by businesses, protective intelligence, and corporate due diligence, to include employment screening.

Training Expectations

The training we provide to the people that serve our clients is based on our operational experience and meeting the client’s expectations. I restrain myself from stating, “exceeding the client’s expectation” as this often leads to overstepping or overreaching our charge in operational terms – training needs to:

Improve Our Capabilities – we must always solidify our foundation – the core skills of our people

Be Relevant – we must know what the needs and expectations of our clients are, and train to the standards established.

Contemporary – we must be progressive in our approach to services through keeping an open mind to new methods and how it will improve our client’s productivity and success

We need to provide core and client specific training to our people that is simplified and effective.

Fitting the Mold

So, who are the types of people we are looking to bring onboard? We are looking for educated individuals – people with intellect, but we want people with applied common sense. We need people who challenge themselves; we all need to have financial security, having said this, we cannot let financial gain be our motivator – we need to have a broader view than this.

Experience is something that I feel, can be overstated and trusted. If you have the knowledge and apply your exposure to the mutual goals of the agency you work with it is one thing. If you locked in your ways of doing things and are relying on the fact that you have “X years” of experience it is another thing. We have people who come from all types of backgrounds, from nighttime clerks at convenience stores and newly graduated college students to corporate leaders and federal law enforcement agents with extensive educations and experience, in any case, it has come down to how have they molded themselves. The successful people in our firm have molded themselves into understanding and appreciating our philosophy based on experience that has created the approach of our company in servicing the needs of our clients.

What Type of Positions Are Available?

The immediate needs of our company include business development specialists, security drivers, close personal protection personnel, intelligence analysts, and investigators. However, the opportunities that exist are not limited to these titles. My recommendation to the prospective individual is to study the company and identify where you fit in, and then make your sale. We are always on the lookout for support personnel who hold talent in human resources, finance, marketing, and teaching to name a few. I am leaving it up to you in identifying what niche’ you can fulfill and how it will benefit our company.

At the end of the day – What we are looking for is partners that are directly employed or who wish to become a channel partner with our company – and who are willing to put the work into making our company better positioned in serving the client needs.


Good luck and I look forward to meeting you and discovering if we are the company for you.

Bill Peeler – Founder and President of The Peeler Group, Inc. and Peeler Group International.




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