New Zealand Active Violence Attack – Be Prepared Anywhere, Anytime

I want to say, in “today’s world” we have to take personal responsibility for our safety, but the truth is, it has always been this way.

The idea that we live in a society where no one or anything threatens us is short-sighted and naive at best. We see the best and worse people attacked in our community. Some could argue that the victims harmed in attacks had it coming to them; the victims themselves were terrible people for one reason or another. More often than not, people who have fallen victim to a violent person are random, or collateral damage because they got in the way of an aggressive person’s intended victim or they happened to be in the wrong place when the assailant was carrying out an ideological rage attack.

The point is, you need to prepare yourself for these assaults regardless of where you are and what you are doing. You need a safety and security plan.

  • Here are some necessary actions to consider:
  • Know Your Surroundings and the People Occupying these Surroundings
  • Know Available Escape Routes from Any Location
  • If unable to escape, know where you can take secured shelter
  • Identify Improvised Weapons that can be used to defend yourself
  • If with family, make them aware and be sure they are prepared to take the needed action in protecting themselves
  • For family members unable to defend themselves, know what you will do to protect them.

In the PAAD program, we teach organizations how to recognize behavior leading to violence. Learning how to identify someone who is heading toward destruction is not exclusive to organizations. You as an individual should know how you to recognize violent people you are acquainted with before they become a threat to you or others. Just as important, who will you tell about the potential aggressor and can someone disrupt this forward path to aggression?

In the security industry, we develop protective intelligence to assist us in avoiding risks to our assets. Unlike practitioners in security, you can build your own “intelligence” before entering an area, structure or an event. What, if any issues have there been regarding the location you are visiting? Where is the place you are going to, where are hospitals or what safe havens are available near to the area, such as police stations or the like?

The time to prepare is now. You cannot wait until a threat is in front of you if you wish to avoid injury and survive a violent attack. An attack can happen anywhere, to anyone and at any time.

New Zealand Shooting

News of a shooting in New Zealand making headlines around the world. Reports claim New Zealand as one of the safest places in the world.



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