Keeping Yourself Safe When Shopping

A fresh reminder to be careful when you are out shopping this year… Remember your safety and the safety of your loved ones comes before grabbing the next big bargain!

Some basic sensible advice:

  • When in your vehicle:
    • Keep your doors locked until you have collected yourself and are ready to leave the car
      • Deactivate auto unlock features that you may have in your car when turning off the ignition
    • Conceal your belongings that you may leave in the vehicle (of course we do not recommend you leave anything of value in your vehicle)
    • Park in well-lighted areas as close to the entrance of the structure you will be entering
    • Identify the path or route you will take prior to leaving the vehicle
    • Always be prepared to drive your vehicle away immediately should a threat be identified
    • When returning your car have a game plan in your mind for what you will do once you depart the structure (Store or other building) you are in:
      • Have your car keys ready Know where you are going to place parcels when you arrive in your vehicle
      • What route will you take to the vehicle Are there any conceived threats between you and your vehicle
      • Be swift and confident in your movements
    • Whenever you are out in the public view be sure to walk or carry yourself with a purpose:
      • Do not be distracted by the events around you – remain in the now and be aware of the safety hazards and threats around you.
      • Do not engage strangers or allow them to engage you
        • Example: Panhandler asks you for money, firmly look at him or her and state, “I do not carry any cash, sorry” and keep moving
        • Do not be afraid to deny any requests from anyone
      • Before heading out for a trip anywhere be sure someone you know is aware of your actions:
        • Make use of a tracking device on your smartphone
        • Write a list and share it with your trusted friend as to where you are going and what routes you will be taking
        • Be sure to activate your emergency notification application on your smartphone
      • Identify safe havens for your trip:
        • Where is the nearest police station?
        • Where is the nearest fire station?
        • Where is the nearest hospital?

We hope that you make use of these basic tips and stay safe this Christmas Season!


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