Investigators in Florida are Asking for Your Assistance

Peeler Group International investigators have been asked to look into the death of a young woman, Katherine Hoover and her unborn child, “Rehlin”, when a gunshot to the head took her life at the age of just 25 in turn causing the death of the unborn 5-month old Rehlin.

This case has been ruled by Florida authorities as an “accidental shooting.” Her mother, Donna Bryan believes there is more to this case and what it was that led up to this tragic loss of life.

Since this incident in 2014, Mr. William DeHayes has been charged in a separate incident in Hernando County, Florida with Discharging a firearm in public and Using a firearm while impaired. On April 13, 2106 Mr. Hayes appeared and pled not-guilty to these charges.

Our investigation into the death of Katherine is being led by Investigator, Lisa Schoneman of Peeler Group International on behalf of the family. Currently the investigator is looking for any information regarding the person who has been reported in possession and control of the firearm that killed Katherine is “William DeHayes.”

Investigator Schoneman

If you have any information of dangerous acts by William Dehayes involving a firearm prior to July 26, 2014, please contact us by email at:

Information sent to this email is intended to assist PGI in this matter and provide authorities the needed evidence in reopening this case, if any exists.

Please provide:

  • Details of the information you wish to report, to include: dates, other witnesses, locations and your relationship to any party involved.
  • We would also appreciate a manner in which we may contact you if necessary, preferably a telephone and address. This information will not be shared publicly.
  • Your name (If you are comfortable with this as it will be important to our investigation)

Peeler Group International is committed to providing facts to our clients regardless of where those facts may lay. Nothing provided here should be misconstrued as to the guilt or innocence of anyone mentioned by name or otherwise referenced.

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