Missappropriation Investigations

Misappropriation to company assets may cause permanent non-recoverable damages if not acted upon immediately.

The discovery of loss by an organization is often through happenstance and not by design, making recovery of assets and reputation difficult but not necessarily impossible. Peeler Group International assists organizations, public and private, with identifying potential for wrongdoing before losses accumulate. Our ability to identify, prevent, respond and recover losses is what makes Peeler Group International a unique protective service.

Although misappropriations are created over 80% of the time internally, our investigators are trained to identify signs of misappropriations and the discovery of evidence through internal and external sources. Our methods are both overt and surreptitious, offering audit trails, monitoring and even clandestine personnel placements.

Organizations all face risk of loss, and not identifying and responding to these risks are where most organizations fail. Please allow us to partner with you in overcoming these threats that are creating regulatory and legal issues, as well as damage to your reputation.