Corporate Investigations

Peeler Group International offers corporate investigation services that meet the need in the protection of public, private and incorporated government agencies worldwide.


Our investigative methods dig deeply in protecting our clients in all aspects of their business. Our abilities will allow you to discover not only the threats to your reputation and continuity of business but the sources of these threats so we may stop them in their tracks.

What We Offer

Timeliness, accuracy and clarity are provided through our investigative endeavors on your behalf. As with all of our services, we may provide a’ la carte service to your acute needs or we may create an on investigation program that will assist in prevention and be there to respond when threats are identified.


In both complex and simplified investigative matters you will find that Peeler Group International has the resources you require and are able to invest time in pursuing evidence further than that of public agencies. Not only has our firm been providing investigation services for nearly a quarter of a century but each member of our investigation team brings years of experience in their specific discipline.

Vested Partner

Your interests are our interest, and the confidentiality of our firm’s services to you is one of the pillars to our successful reputation. What we offer are not promises, it is what we do everyday for organizations just like yours.

Please take the time to research our service abilities and let us know how we may assist with creating a solution for your organization.