Worker Compensation Fraud Investigations

Peeler Group International has assisted business owners since 1995 in discovering fraudulent worker compensation claims levied against their business. Some of the indicators that an employer should be aware of in recognizing fraud and situations we may assist with:

  • Delays in reporting an injury
  • Employee delays in seeking medical attention
  • Personal Financial issues
  • Injuries with no witnesses
  • Claimant medical assistance from unethical physicians


Since 1995, our worker compensation services have since expanded to assist legitimate claimants, attorneys and compensation regulators in employer fraud. Some of the types of fraud committed by employers that we may assist with:

  • Refusal to purchase appropriate insurance plans for employees
  • Misclassification of employee positions or work completed by employees
  • Claimant Harassment to prevent others from filing claims
  • Improper classification of employees as contractors

PGI Services and Solutions

CheckMark Surveillance – PGI investigators will use electronic measures in capturing the true picture of what the activities of a suspected fraudster are. Video, Still Photography and Audio recordings may be deployed to properly represent what our investigators discover.

CheckMark Record Research – With a network of record retrievers and investigators in over 150 countries PGI is able to locate and retrieve records necessary to each case. These records may include criminal prosecution for fraudulent employer or claimant activities, medical records, workers compensation claim histories and whatever else that prudent to your case.

CheckMark Interviewing – Our investigators are educated and experienced in the top methods to effectively extract appropriate information from cooperative and reluctant witnesses, claimants and acquaintances familiar with the claimant or employers activities. Our interviews may assist in discovering if fraud is prevalent and the methods the fraudulent activities are carried out.

CheckMark Injury & Accident Investigation – Pre or Post discovery of a fraudulent claim, our investigators are skilled in identifying physical evidence and testimonial evidence at the location of the claimed injury. Investigators review the accident location, documents and materials to identify if fraud may be established. Our method of reporting the findings often moves the case to be closed, or reduced prior to the claim hearing.

CheckMark Undercover Investigation – Our intelligence investigators are utilized in large-scale fraud cases wherein organized criminal activity is taking place. In addition to this our investigators may be used in inclusive manner to determine information that would not otherwise be discovered through interviewing witnesses and the claimant. In addition our investigators may be placed within the employ of suspected businesses to discover fraudulent practices of the employer.

Other Solutions PGI May Assist With

Peeler Group International is more than just an investigation company that investigates fraud, “we are a partner”.

PGI is experienced in working closely with businesses in identifying claimants who are available to work or who have exaggerated injuries that would be available to work on a limited or adjusted basis. Our experience shows that when confronted with idea of working on a “reduced basis”, claimants will close the claim and terminate employment or return to work on a regular basis.

Our team will work in assisting your business by creating an appropriate injury recording program along with investigation protocols from the standpoint of identifying and preparing for fraudulent claim defense.

We invite you to contact one of our representatives to discuss your needs and how we will assist you.