Attorney Services

Finding of Fact. At the heart of everything Peeler Group International offers, we provide the facts for you and your clients to discover what, if any, actions may or should be taken.

Understanding. As a litigator, you need a partner who understands the complexity of the law and what evidence is admissible in helping to tell the story of your client in his or her criminal or civil matter.

Experience. As a partner to your firm, Peeler Group International has the unique ability to provide experienced investigators whose backgrounds include career law enforcement investigators, former trial judges and corporate investigators.

Service. Peeler Group International provides full investigation services and support to each case. Having continuing partnerships with a number of experts in various fields, we are able to provide full preparation of your evidence for trial.

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Criminal Defense & Prosecution

Everyone deserves their day in court and you deserve a partner with the experience and diligence to find the facts in your case.  As experienced former law enforcement officers and investigators we have provided those pertinent facts in cases of rape, child molestation, murder and other major crimes.

Domestic Investigations

Peeler Group International domestic investigation services encompass the protection of the entire family…neglect, abuse, divorce, molestation, separation and custody disputes…we have defended our clients against many of the ills that attack the heart of the client’s life, and have done so successfully. Our firm has provided these services for law guardians, extended care facilities and individuals.

Civil Litigation

From a dog bite to fatal accidents, Peeler Group International will provide the details that will allow you to present your argument. Discovering witnesses and providing evidence, we have successfully prevented cases from entering the courtroom, and have been there to assist the clients who did not contact us before finding themselves in the courtroom.

Financial & Business Investigations

The new era of Internet infringements and fraud has left an everlasting impression on business profits. Our experience in corporate investigations will help reduce the loss of profit due to copyright infringements, theft and misappropriations. Protection should begin before entering any agreement and through our due diligence services we can help you prevent the loss before it happens by giving you the intelligence you and your client needs in making business decisions.

Homeland Security

Due to Homeland Security initiatives passports, visas and other travel documentation has become more difficult to obtain; errors in criminal records and numerous other challenges prevent individuals from traveling for business or personal necessity. The Peeler Group has assisted anyone from individual entertainers to entire staffs in obtaining true documents; fingerprints and other necessary information, allowing them travel from or into a country. Let our on-the-ground assets and intelligence sources work for you in providing your client a smooth travel process.