How to be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Our company, as others in the industry of protection, is consistently receiving inquiries regarding available positions within the organization. At times we have the perfect fit for the right candidate, and other times we may not have something suitable for the background of the candidate being considered at the time of inquiry. The recent situation in Ferguson Missouri illustrates the circle that companies and candidates themselves are often caught up in, so we thought we would share some advice on how you may position yourself for that next opportunity.

Media Reported Story from Ferguson:

“Police refuse to waive security guard rules to meet Ferguson-fueled demand” – “

Local and out-of-state guard companies are asking the St. Louis County police for exemptions in security officer licensing requirements to meet an increased demand as the Ferguson grand jury decision draws nearer.”

“The response has been an expedited process but a refusal to bend the rules.”


Remember, we are in the business of mitigation and never like to be in a reactionary position. We need to prepare and respond effectively and in a timely manner. As with any good plan we need to consider the resources available to us. For you to be considered as a resource you must have met all the requirements of our hiring process… simple.

So here is what you do… 

  • Complete the application and provide your resume before the need arises,
  • Be sure all supporting documentation requested is provided,
  • Apply for licensure in the State or Province that you are available to work,
  • Maintain requirements for licensure at all times.

Once you have the position…

  • Once you have the position, be it full-time, part-time or per-diem, inquire as to what other states or provinces you may be qualified for – where is there a demand for your employment classification.
  • What training must you maintain to be considered for active call-up?

This is not something new and it can sometimes be look upon as a game of odds, how available have I made myself? Do I understand the organization and what the demands are on that organization for people with my skill-set?

Peeler Group International responds to client crisis’, some clients have our services on retainer, others simply call when crisis strikes. In either case we have to be prepared with a response and the resources the assignment requires. Our call up needs may be as little as 2-4 personnel or as many as 400 plus, and timing is everything to serving our client needs.


  • Regardless if you are a line officer, EP Specialist, Investigator, or in a support position, your availability and response to the application process is necessary,
  • Be honest,
  • Maintain regulatory requirements,
  • Maintain training,
  • Update information with your employer regularly.

At the end of the day it’s up to you to decide if you are going to be proactive or leave your career choice to chance… good luck.

– Bill P.

Peeler Group International

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