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Bill Peeler
Peeler Group International
In the fields of protection and investigations there is never a lack of individuals that wish to throw a shingle up and start their own investigation and security service. What the industry lacks in is professionals who wish to work in support roles as well as female practitioners whom are willing to get into the field. Paired with experience, these are potential tickets for success.

Doctor Richard Kobetz described many years ago the need for professional or cultured individuals whom have a black belt. We need individuals that are willing to work in a supporting role to contribute to the missions that we carry out, those whose mindset is that of a protector.

Support Roles:Group of happy young  business people in a meeting at office

  1. Business Development
  2. Human Resources & Recruiting
  3. Branding and Marketing
  4. IT and other Technologies
  5. Control Center Operators
  6. Intel Monitors
  7. Schedulers
  8. Auditors
  9. Quality Control – Case Review Clerks

These are just a few examples of the many opportunities that exist within the protection and investigation industries, each of which are important to the success of our mission as a business.

I recently recall two interns that spent a couple of hours per day learning and working in our office. A few months after their internship we offered them positions where they can continue their learning and assist in the administration of our company. When offered the positions, the female intern jumped on the opportunity while the other intern, a male, decided not to get into the field, instead selecting to enter into “business”. As he did not identify with our company as a business we wished him luck. He recently stopped in for an application to work in our uniformed division, his previous opportunity missed because he did not identify for himself the various missions/purposes of our company.

When you have your foot in the door, keep it there! Know your goals and know the background of who you wish to work for.

If you are looking for a career, take a look at our industry, decide what role you wish to fulfill and go for it!


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