I9 and E-Verify

E-Verify and I9 Services

The Best Electronic I-9 System: Built-In and 100% Automated

Every single employee requires an I9, but there’s no reason that I-9’s or E-Verify checks have to be cumbersome. Let us take the time and effort out of them for you.

Automation every step of the way

  • Our system can send the new hire an e-mail and let them fill/sign/submit their simplified and easy-to-understand I-9 to you before their first day of work (and keep reminding them if they don’t fill it out). With our Digital Signature technology, you can also use a tablet to fill out the form together, and the employee can use a mouse, stylus or fingerprint to submit a “wet” signature.
  • Our system makes it easy for the employer to fill out Part 2 and logically walks them through any associated paperwork within the first three days of employment (and keeps reminding them if they haven’t done it yet).
  • Our system creates a compliant PDF I-9 form that the employer can store electronically or print and file.
  • Our process captures all of the necessary information needed for E-Verify and can automatically submit it on completion.
  • Our clients can automatically purge I-9 forms according to the three-year/one-year rule.

What makes our system better than others?

  • An easy-to-monitor widget on your dashboard gives you a great view of all your I-9 activity.
  • Our solution is a native part of our system – there are no additional logins or 3rd-party providers involved.
  • Our method reduces unintentional (or intentional) inaccurate data entry by ensuring the completion of all required fields and that the information exactly matches that provided during the screening process. It also flags improper date formatting.
  • Our system allows you to upload supporting documentation and can even warn you when documents are about to expire.
  • Our solution generates the appropriate letters and forms if you get a Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) from E-Verify and allows DHS to post back the results when cleared.