Crisis Management

Preparing for situations that may be unknown is a daunting task for many government and private sector organizations. We understand that as an executive or manager in your organization, you need to be focused on your core business and should not be solely tasked with the management of crisis your organization may face. This is where Peeler Group International may assist you to the depth or degree your budget and desire allows.

Crisis Management is the predetermined description of situational based responses and potential crisis’ that are determined from the risk analysis of your organization.

Components of the PGI Crisis Management Services

  • Assessment – Determining your Risks
  • Preparedness – Identifying Resources
  • Response – Mitigating the Impact
  • Recovery – Continuity of your Business
  • Training and Testing – Verification of Steps to be Taken

A properly developed crisis management plan will allow for contingency solutions for worst-case scenarios that have been properly quantified. A proper plan will encompass all potential crisis situations that are categorized by likelihood.

Goal of Peeler Group International

Terminate and reduce the impact of any crisis our clients face.

Types of Crisis Managed

  • Natural Disasters
  • Terrorist Acts
  • Inappropriate Employee Actions
  • Brand Attacks
  • Active Violence Situations
  • Criminal Activity
  • Organizational Threats
  • Emergency Situations
    • Fire
    • Medical
    • Hazmat