Our consulting services concentrate on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, “Crisis and Risk Mitigation”. We bring comprehensive, functional expertise within the protection of people and assets. PGI has the ability to bring value to the principle goals of the client while establishing the “buy in” of the organizational structure that allows for success in the established goals of PGI’s client services.

Available Terms of Services

PGI consultation is available for acute needs or on a recurrent basis. For clients that currently are in the creation stages of a program with plans of internal positioning, or who are without internal expertise due to a vacancy, PGI offers surrogate services.

Delivery of Service

After initial review of your identified needs and budgetary requirements, a retainer for services is offered with a schedule of services and delivery results.

As the needs of our clients remain diverse, so do the services provided by our international network of employees and contracted material experts.

What We Provide

In the current climate of uncertainty in the world, we bring peace of mind through sensible mitigation of risks that are likely to affect you.

  • Strategic Solutions
  • Organizational Engagement
  • Performance Improvement
  • Quantifiable Results

Independent Services

The value of an autonomous consulting service such as PGI protects the integrity of the service we provide in that we separate the operational services offered, i.e. personnel, investigations and the alike, from our “standalone” consulting services.

What this means for our clients: PGI will provide unbiased evaluations and considerations not limited or specific to a provider or product.

Let’s get started…

The first step in mitigating the risks to your business and assets is for you to identify that you need assistance; you need solutions. We invite you to contact us so that we may assist you in exploring the solutions available to meet your end goals. We look forward to working with you.