Budget Conscious Solutions

PGI Monitoring CenterThe cost of security personnel physically at a location may not be effective for everyone’s budget. Other times we find clients need to have the physical presence of protection personnel but offsite personnel may support these officers.

These are just a couple of the reasons why 8 years ago we created a solution we have named (C.O.P.S.) “Constant Observation & Patrol Services”. Our C.O.P.S. solution is a remote live guarding service that provides video patrol and access control to our client locations. As stated, we may integrate C.O.P.S. with our personnel services or we may service client needs on a standalone basis.

This is not an alarm monitoring service – these are actually trained security professionals that patrol, control and act on incidents in live time through audio and video technologies.

Services are offered on a 24-hour basis with the availability part-time scheduling for estates, corporate facilities, public and private communities.

If you are interested in these services, or would like to learn more, contact Peeler Group International, we would be happy to discuss this solution more.


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