Active Violence Symposium

Through combining Protective Intelligence Methodology and Aggression Recognition Training that is Supported by Forward Thinking Technology, we can prevent Active Violence Situations from happening.

Peeler Group International is constructing a symposium schedule in local cities wherein we will open the dialogue that will help you discover real solutions to your active violence concerns.

P.A.A.D. is an acronym for Prevent, Alert, Avoid and Defend, never before has anyone taken a harden look and understanding of how we truly may Prevent Active Violence situations from occurring, until now.

If you are serious about protecting your charges and you represent a Private Business, Not-for-profit Organization, Law Enforcement or you are a School or Public Official, contact us today to host a one day free symposium where we will explain to you this holistic approach to Preventing and Mitigating Active Violence and how you may establish your own initiatives within your organization or community.

Contact for Information and Scheduling:


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