Company Overview

Peeler Group International provides comprehensive solutions in protecting you in your business and personal interests.

The focus of our services is to mitigate and prevent actions from interfering with our clients through proper assessment; planning and proactive actions that we may take on the client’s behalf.

Founded in 1995, PGI currently maintains offices in New York and Florida with managed operations on an international basis.

Our portfolio of clients includes business enterprises from less than 50 employees to the top 50 largest companies in the United States. Our personnel have provided protection to national level events in the entertainment and sports industry – from personal protection to recognized entertainers, government officials and corporate executives in the defense, tobacco, and oil industries. We’ve also provided investigations and due diligence to countless industries including insurance claims, legal, entertainment and auto industries.

PGI services have been provided to governments abroad, Federal Police and Defense Ministries as well as numerous divisions of the US government; Federal Housing Authority, Congress, Department of Education, Urban Renewal and Transportation included.

PGI has managed and deployed Crisis Response Officers to national disaster throughout the United States – we have deployed 200 officers in as short as 24 hours and up to 400 officers in as little as 36 hours.

✓ Proven track record

Our Leadership

Bill Peeler, CEO & PresidentBill Web

Bill Peeler founded our company in 1995. Mr. Peeler is a retired judge with previous law and drug enforcement experience. He is well known and respected within the industry, having provided lectures on ethics and conduct with professional security, continuity of government and crisis planning to federal agencies.

Mr. Peeler has led training, investigations and security assignments in and outside of the United States. He has directly instructed elite international government protection agencies in close personal protection. He has provided service to former entertainers, U.S. Presidents, government and corporate leaders in addition to major events that include the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Mentionable clients have included the USDA, Iraq Ministry of Defense, US Housing & Urban Development, Mercedes-Benz, Miss Canada International, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and Clean Energy Fuels Corporation. He has been featured on the BBC of London, numerous news media broadcasts, and has written articles for such publications as PI Magazine and The Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security.

Bill Peeler is a Certified Firearms Instructor for Law Enforcement and Security, Less-than-lethal Instructor for Defense Technologies, American Red Cross Instructor, Division of Criminal Justice Instructor, General Topics and Firearms, NYS Homeland Security Instructor and Martial Arts instructor. A graduate of the Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics – Protective & Evasive Driving, Advanced Course in Entry Level Instruction, Dr. Richard Kobetz – Executive Protection Institute – Personal Protection, Wicklander & Zulawski & Reed Method – Interview and Interrogation, Maine Criminal Justice Academy and the Judicial Institute.

Memberships include Charter Membership to the International Law Enforcement & Educators Association, International Security Driver Association, ASIS, Nine Lives Associates, NRA, NYS Magistrates Association, board Member of A.S.S.E.T. and Advisory Board Member for the HFM BOCES Criminal Justice Program.


Lisa Schoneman, Regional Lead Investigations – Investigator


Ms. Schoneman spent a 25-year career as a Major Crimes Investigator, 15 of which were spent as a Senior Supervising Investigator. She was the lead investigator in hundreds of homicides and investigated well over 100 child murders. 48 Hours Mysteries, Swamp Murders and Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall have all highlighted some of her cases.

In addition to her experience investigating kidnappings, robberies, sexual battery, domestic and child abuse cases, Lisa is certified in the administration of voice stress truth verification examinations (CVSA) and as a hostage negotiator.

Lisa has extensive experience in case management, courtroom testimony and surveillance.


Dean Kuenstler, Regional Lead Intelligence and Protection – Investigator

During his 23-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps, Dean Kuenstler served in positions that included all facets of intelligence operations; surveillance and reconnaissance missions; security operations to include personal securityDean Kuenstler details (PSD) and physical security as Assistant Security Chief at two multi-million dollar national intelligence collection facilities, and force protection. His assignments included intelligence and direct action missions targeting narcotics trafficking and terrorist organizations, and direct intelligence support to federal law enforcement counter-narcotics operations. As a Master Gunnery Sergeant (E-9), he was responsible for all aspects of operations, organizational leadership, mission planning and professional development.

Immediately after the Terrorist Attacks of 9-11-2001, Dean placed his private sector career on-hold in order to serve our Nation for 3-additional years with two Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. As a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), he served in positions that included the U.S. Border Patrol Detroit Sector Criminal Intelligence Specialist assigned to the U.S.-Royal Canadian Mounted Police Integrated Border Enforcement Team and during his assignment at DHS Intelligence HQ in Washington, DC, he was a member of the Director of Central Intelligence Working Group focused on establishing policies and procedures in support of DCID 8/1: Sharing of Terrorism Related Information Across Government Agencies.

As a member of the Peeler Group International Team, he has participated as a protection specialist supporting executive leadership of corporations including fortune 50 businesses and the religious leader for the largest Christian-denomination in the Middle East.

Dean has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the State University of New York Excelsior College and is a graduate of the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Business Global Leadership Program, Nova Southeastern University Executive Development Program, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems Program Management College, and the Senior Enlisted Intelligence Program at the Defense Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency.

Dean continues his professional development with the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board and Executive Security International. Additionally, he is a member of ASIS, FBI/DOJ InfraGard Program, Marine Corps Intelligence Association (MCIA), Indiana SWAT Officers Association (ISOA), International Association for Counterterrorism Security Professionals (IACSP), National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and National Rifle Association (Life Member).


Bill Pitcher, Assistant Director – VP TrainingBill Pitcher 2

Mr. Pitcher has over 35 years of law enforcement experience and is considered a subject expert in the use of force and firearms. He has providing training to law enforcement and security agencies throughout New York State, Central and South America.

Bill Pitcher has studied with John Farnam, and is a certified police and security instructor. Throughout his career, he was a line instructor, range officer and senior firearms instructor. He has
planned and/or presented programs for local officers as well as other state and federal agencies. Among other duties, he was the lead instructor for several police firearm instructor courses and many force-on-force training courses.

He has conducted investigations throughout the state in various capacities and is a highly sought after individual that is well thought of within the security and law enforcement communities.


Rick Neal, Regional Lead Protective DivisionRick Neal

Mr. Neal is a retired Captain of Special Operations/ SWAT for a large sheriff’s office in Florida. A 30+ year veteran of law enforcement, he has worked as a detective and commander in Vice/ Narcotics and Major Crimes (Robbery/ Homicide). He also served 24 years as a member of the SWAT Team, evolving from lead penetrator to team leader and commander.

He has been the local Officer in Charge for several high-profile protective details, including current and former U.S. Presidents and Vice-Presidents, their wives and numerous governors and other dignitaries. He also has planned, coordinated and executed several high-threat protective details for state’s witnesses and high-risk prisoner transports and extraditions.

Mr. Neal holds a Bachelor of Science degree, has received basic and advanced training from the FBI, U.S. Dept. of State, ATF and U.S. Secret Service. In 2006 he was invited by the USSS to attend its prestigious week long Command Officer’s Protective Course in Washington, D.C. and Beltsville, Md.   He also is a graduate of Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute- Protective/ Evasive Driving and Immediate Action Courses, and has taught personal protection throughout the U.S. and in numerous foreign countries.

A gold medalist in practical pistol combat at both the 2000 and 2004 International Law Enforcement Olympics, Rick is still an active handgun competitor and instructor, holds a black belt and is currently rated a Master Instructor with the Professional Assn. of Diving Instructors.

Rick Neal is a subject matter expert in scuba diving and serves as the chief underwater investigator for the insurance company covering the world’s largest diving agency, where he is responsible for investigating diving and marine-related deaths and serious injuries worldwide.


Chris Flavin, Tactical Instructor & Lead Tactical OperationsChris SRT School

Chris has been working in law enforcement and protection details for just over 11 years, having been assigned to very distinguished details throughout the Middle East and Europe. To his credit, and in a short period of time, he has trained over 2,000 students. As the son of our founder, Chris began working within the industry directly out of high school while obtaining his A.A.S. in Criminal Justice and working toward his bachelors degree.

Mr. Flavin instructs ASP certification programs, tactical operations and critical response protocols for our school. He is a live fire instructor with a range of weapons. He is a subject matter instructor, and has been held as an expert in convoy, urban operations, as well as counterterrorism and counter IED techniques.

As a mentor and trainer, he has coached and supervised instructors engaged in the provision of leadership fundamentals, tactical combat operations and training support services.  He is recognized with multiple awards for producing effective teams that exceed academic expectations and field portion evaluations.

Operationally, Chris has provided protective services to heads of state, congressional members, fortune 500 executives, news production & entertainers and has served Air Force One (POTUS) assignments.


PGI Services Portfolio

  • Private Investigations
  • Protective and Corporate Intelligence
  • Protection Personnel – Security Drivers
  • Industry and Client Training
  • Consulting and Support Services

Our Values and Standards

Our Assets – Personnel

Peeler Group International recognizes that our primary assets are the people we employee to bring our service above and beyond expectations.

We encourage individual growth within our team and challenge each person to raise the bar in their personal goals while we support them in doing so.


Corporate responsibility through managing our own is the foundation to building the quality of services our clients have grown to expect. PGI executives and Associates are expected to conduct personal and business matters with integrity. Our standard for executives and managing staff signifies the expectations of our associates. We pride ourselves through respect, integrity and professionalism.

We take words and place them in to action: Integrity and Professionalism are entitlements that we work to earn from our clients through every relationship – every day.

Creating Value – Clients

In today’s increasingly competitive business world, PGI recognizes the need to bring value to our clients through the services we provide each day, giving us that competitive edge that our clients have come to expect. Our focus, our daily objective, is to ensure that our clients are able to continue business uninterrupted by recognizing Threats & Vulnerabilities as well as mitigating the identified risks or preventing these risks all together before they are a concern to the client – Providing Continuity in Conducting Your Business and Lifestyle.

Quality – Building Blocks to the Quality of Our Services

Recruitment of PGI associates is key to maintaining our standards and the ideals of our company – we go above and beyond in seeking out individual assets that have the ability to deliver our services to our clients through PGI informational fairs, military and law enforcement recruitment publications and the inherit attraction created through our accomplishments.

Stringent Screening is also paramount to our successful recruitment of the people who will serve our cliental. Aside from customary background checks, we identify individuals with proper work ethics, who are articulate, with problem solving skills that provide speed and accuracy in their work, paying attention to the smallest details.

Communication – Keeping it Together

Communication is an integral part of what allows PGI to progress forward as a team and brings focus to accomplishing the goals set for each client. This begins in our orientation process for new associates and continues throughout every assignment.

Our clients and their needs are diverse with continual changes in business that require our team to always be on their ‘A’ game in meeting these challenges by effectively communicating with each other and the client – completing the challenge.

Education & Training – A Changing World

Peeler Group International Training Center is our training and education division that provides real world learning opportunities to not only our associates, but security practitioners, law enforcement officers and our clients.

PGI Training Center has collected subject matter experts with the talent to instruct others from within and outside of our industry to assist each associate and client with meeting the risks faced.

The PGI Training Center is authorized to instruct courses for licensing and training authorities such as the Division of Criminal Justice Services and Office of Homeland Security. For a full list and understanding of the training provided to each associate please visit our Training website.


Licensing Authority and Compliance

Peeler Group International complies with all local and federal requirements in providing our services. Our company screens all of partners for compliance in the location services are provided.

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