Security Drivers


Transportation of principle assets is an essential part of the overall protection program. Our managed services provides services and amenities that go far beyond what you will experience in hired car services. In fact, we are not a hired car service.

Our personnel are trained security practitioners who have received specialized training in vehicle operations through recognized training schools or government experiences. We provide local resources for your security transportation needs that meet our stringent requirements and who may work parallel to our contracted personal protection teams or in-house executive protection units.

Core Services

  • Trained Protection Drivers
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Medical Response
  • Advance Reporting – Routing and Pre-planning
  • GPS Tracking
  • Dedicated Practitioners throughout your trip
  • Vehicle Logistics – Client Owned or Leased Vehicles
  • Both Hard and Soft Shell Vehicles


  • Corporate
  • Religious
  • Government
  • Entertainment