Personal Protection

In today’s challenging cultural and financial climate we observe more and more political leaders, affluent individuals & families, business executives, athletes, religious leaders and others whom find themselves at risk.

People feel they are not at risk because they are not what would be deemed as a “high profile target”. They often come to us because of an initial incident that was happenstance created by unrecognized risk factors.

Regardless of whether  your protection needs are consistent or infrequent, clients approach Peeler Group International Protection Services for many reasons.

The “Principle Profile” – Understanding You. We understand everyone’s needs are different, and as a result of our individualized assessment of your protection needs, services are tailored to overcome these diversities. We will discuss your needs and requests, offering you logical and effective recommendations with explanations of these recommendations.

The men and women that provide our services are discrete professionals who have arrived to us from varied backgrounds in military, law enforcement and top-level federal agencies that are experienced in working in both domestic and international capacities.

The PGI Approach

Intelligence Based Approach. Our approach is to collect information, validate and assess the information and provide detailed planning of our actions. Closely following the principles of the Department of State and Secret Service, Peeler Group International is focused on removing risks to the protected before the risk becomes an actualized threat.

Focused on protection. PGI closely protects the privacy of our clients in an unobtrusive manner, holding tightly to our motto, “Tacita Defensor”, Latin meaning, “Silent Defender”.

Understanding Cultural Differences. Our team is educated in appropriate conduct in any setting, be it business, social or international travel, our agents will blend with the architecture of your culture.

Going beyond the traditional role of security. Our agents are trained as first responders with certification in first aid, CPR and AED use. When the medical needs of our clients require, EMT and Paramedic level personnel may be assigned.

Peeler Group personnel tend to all daily and special needs of our clients, from logistical support for a world tour to routine daily activities, our specialists see to every detail of your needs.

Unity in the Services You Receive. Our broad variety of services allow for seamless protection which includes:

360 Degrees – Total Protection Solutions

360 Degrees - Total Protection Solutions

Peeler Group International is prepared to assist you. We invite you to contact us for immediate discussion of your protection needs.